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A great little shrug that goes with everything is a wardrobe must.

I found myself needing just that - a cute, versatile little cover up that I can wear with lots of things.

This one is so great and super easy:

  • one metre of fabric needed
  • one piece cut out on the fold
  • two seams to sew
  • and a little hemming

Great for beginners or if you need a little cover up to wear at the weekend like I did!

 We were going out and I wanted to wear two favourite pieces that I've made, my pink circle skirt and fitted t-shirt with peep-hole and beaded collar. A great summer going out combo, but it’s winter here and too darn cold for just these right now. 

I had this pattern for a lovely little shrug that I’ve made before and I thought it would look beautiful in velvet. Thank you Tanit-Isis Sews for making this pattern available for free! It’s really for people a couple of sizes smaller than me, but it fits me well, so I've used the original version, but there is also a multi size version in a small, medium and large. 

This really is so quick and easy to make, it’s one piece cut on the fold, two small seams, hemmed and a hook and eye at the neck. I overlocked the edges and sleeves and then hand stitched a very narrow hem. Bias tape, binding or just a normal hem would look just fine, depending on the fabric used. I finished it off with hook and eye at the front, steamed it out a bit and done! One shrug for cold weekend weather.

I went out and bought new, full price fabric for this, which is unusual for me, (generally I buy fabric from second hand shops or from the clearance table. It cost me $35 for one metre of stretch velvet and while I used most of it, there’s enough left to make something small, so I’d say this shrug cost $30 to make, plus the cost of one hook and eye, about 50 cents or so.

At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to post these pictures of me, because I look short and round and my hair is frizzy. And then I remembered I’m happy with myself in my life – I’m quite comfortable in my short, fat body and I like my frizzy hair, so why not just post them and be happy about how I look and how much I like my outfit!

We had a great night out and my velvet shrug was the perfect little cover up for dinner and a show. I’m going on a Big Holiday soon and this little number is coming with me!