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We just got back from Indonesia! I had been planning to post while we were away but it turns out I get very sea sick on cruise ships. Honestly, I did not know it was possible to be THAT sea sick. So it's been longer than I'd intended since my last post.

Moving on to the positives, my partner and I had some wonderful experiences, saw several islands and saw some amazing places. The pedicab ride in Probolinggo was so much fun! I took some of my favourite outfits with me, and this one was perfect for the hot weather in Indonesia.

This is one of my favourite dresses. It took quite a while to finish because I’m a sucker for punishment so I stamp printed it and then did a whole lot of hand embroidery as well. And it was well worth it. It's an awesome dress and I feel awesome wearing it. 

I used Lekala pattern #4131,which I also used for my Dita Von Teese dress. I just adore this retro sun dress style. I use Lekala a lot, I’m not affiliated with them but I rave about them because they are such good value, they have a huge range of patterns, they do standard sizing (for different countries) and they do custom sizing as well. Which means if you’re plus size like me they will do any pattern in your size. This means a lot me because so often looking at pattern retailers is a bad as looking at clothing retailers, they have nice stuff, but not in my size!

I was lucky enough to pick up this light-weight cotton canvas on sale on the clearance table from my local fabric shop. It's pale blue with a monochrome print of hares and it has some body without being too thick or heavy. The contrast fabric is a light cotton I picked up secondhand.

I love embellishing fabric; adding lots of lovely colour and texture. With this fabric I felt the hares needed a field of flowers to frolick in. Stamp printing is an easy and fun way to add even pattern to fabric, see my post about it here. And to even more colour I got out the embroidery thread basket and sewed colour all over the blooms.

I wear this dress a lot. It’s great for everything from going to work to dressing it up with a shrug or a lace crop top for going out to dinner in, or for lounging around on a cruise ship!