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My partner wanted a stylish, masculine scarf that was a little bit out of the ordinary. After some looking around by both of us, my man found a simple pattern for a scarf that he really liked on Pinterest. This is a super quick and easy scarf to make up, and great if you love the texture of garter stitch like I do.

It can be hard to find things to make for men that are a little out of the ordinary, so it’s awesome to come across something that I can make for him that he really likes. He needs warm woollies for when he gets up very early and its freezing cold in winter, so I’ve made him a few nice things to keep him warm on the way to work.

I used the Beginnings Scarf pattern on Ravelry, with a step-by-step tutorial here. Thanks to Erron Anderson for making this pattern available for free!

 My partner chose a Donegal Aran Tweed, which is a purple flecked yarn - we ordered 200g and had a fair bit leftover, but it didn’t take me long to find another project to use it all up. I used some leftover purple bamboo and silk yarn to crochet a contrasting edge and we picked out some handsome silver buttons with Celtic knots to go with the Irish tweed yarn. 

A great one-ball, one-weekend project that is very customisable. I’m definitely going to make more of these including one for myself!