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The dotty dress is based on a pattern I took from a really cute dress that I picked up second hand. It was an empire waist dress that was slightly too tight across the chest but was a bright, girly, floral number that I wore till it was worn out.


I’ve made several versions. This one has a full circle skirt which is excellent for twirling. The green brocade fabric that forms the under layer has a little stiffness to it that holds the skirt out to give a great silhouette. Lighter fabrics give a lovely drape to a circle skirt but I like the 50’s silhouette that stiffer fabric gives. I haven’t made a tulle petticoat yet, but I really need to make one to wear under this dress for extra frou frou and to hold the skirt out even more. 

I really love how the deep green of the brocade (picked up second hand) and the soft spotted tulle of the top layer (from the Spotlight clearance table) combine. The colour combination reminds me of a peacock and I feel just as fancy as one when I’m wearing it.

 There is one little problem with this dress, I only have to sit down for a few minutes and the front panel creases up quite a lot. But I don’t think there’s much I can do about that.

Paired with a vintage angora beaded cardigan my sister gave me, this dress is great for a night on the town and I got several compliments on my dress!