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On a recent trip to IKEA for some browsing and to sample their new vegan meatballs (yum!) I saw some cork mats on sale, so I got a bunch to try this idea I saw on Pinterest. I needed somewhere to put up ideas, drawings and lists - so i don't forget to go pick up my contact lenses!  I really loved how colourful I could make this, so it would look really cool even just on its own.

I hoard fabric scraps they're beautiful and there are so many ways to use them.... Ok so basically I just hoard fabric and yarn and beads and buttons. There’s no such thing as too many craft supplies right?

So I got my fabrics out, picked some of my favorite colours and patterns and got out my glue gun and then I was ready to get started.

For this project you need:

  • Cork mats, like these ones from Ikea

  •  Fabric pieces large enough to cover mats

  • Sharp scissors

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Pins

  • Hot glue gun

Trace around your cork mat then add an allowance, enough to wrap around the edge to the back. If you're making a lot, like me, it's easier to trace it onto paper, if you're only making a few, you can trace straight onto the fabric if you like.

Once you've cut out our fabric, plug in your glue gun and you're ready for the fun bit!

They were really quick and easy to cover - I found it was best to glue down opposite sides first to keep the fabric nice and taut. It was easy to pull the fabric off again in a few places where it got bunched up along the edge and glue it down flatter. I found thinner fabrics work best for this project.

It took me longer to measure up to get them on the wall nice and square than it did to cover them. A quick and easy project that’s functional and looks fabulous. I used sticky strips to hang them, the 3M command strips that aren't supposed to take the paint off the walls. I put mine up around the light switch by the door so that I can pin reminders to myself and I can't help but see them. Currently it has some of my artwork, fabric printing, bills and a shopping list pinned up.

My favourite one has the Tardis from Dr Who (bottom left in the picture below), from scraps leftover from a Dr Who waist coat I made for my partner. It's available here on Spoonflower.