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I love scarves and I love winter because you get to wear awesome winter clothes - like scarves. This one is my favourite, I love the weight it has from the glass beads without being heavy. The gorgeous mix of colours and textures from the soft yarn and bright glass beads is just delicious.

This project is one of my use what I’ve already got and make it up as I go along projects. I knew I wanted to make a beaded infinity scarf, so I got out the yarn stash and the bead basket, grabbed some things I liked the look of and got started. So I don’t have a proper pattern to share, but it’s super simple to do.

What you need:

  • A ball of lace weight yarn, approx. 100 grams
  • Assorted beads (great way to use up a container of mixed beads)
  • A few metres of chunky yarn in a contrasting colour
  • Knitting needles about 2.5mm
  • Crochet hook about 6mm
  • A sewing needle to thread the beads onto the yarn

 Any beads can be used so long as they have holes big enough so they can be threaded onto the yarn using a needle. Chunky glass beads might not be the best for this as will make your scarf too heavy. There are right ways to do bead knitting, but I didn’t use them here, I had the beads threaded onto the yarn and I moved one up to be caught between each stitch - because I've used fine yarn the beads are visible from both sides. 

I just went with what looked about right in terms of the width and the length. Another scarf to measure this. 

1. Start by knitting a test piece to help work out how many stitches for the right width.

2. Next thread a lot of beads onto the yarn using the needle.

3. Cast on and move a bead up between each stitch.

4. Continue till you have a long rectangle that is the right length for you.

5. Using the knitting yarn, sew the short edges together using bound off edges.

6. Using the crochet hook and the chunky yarn do a row of single crochet along each edge.

 I live in Western Australia, so it's winter right now... I really like how often the days are cold but bright and clear like today. Just perfect for taking scarf selfies in the wind while you're out for the day wine tasting in the gorgeous Ferguson valley.